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How to make color box?

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How to make color box?

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Printing is lithography, relief printing, gravure printing, other printing.Here mainly describes the lithography printing color box production method.

A, single

In one case, the customer only provides electronic documents and sample boxes, which requires the designer to check and fine-tune the electronic documents according to the sample boxes, so as to meet the requirements of the customer under the premise of reducing the difficulty of printing.Another situation is that the customer provides film and sample boxes, that is a little easier.No matter which kind of case, shenzhen color box factory wants to judge the kind of printing that the sample box belongs to above all, a few color superposition and become, use what material to make of, surface treatment is to cover smooth film to cover matte film UV polish hot stamping silver, have no skylight or handle is stick box or order box whether need pack, transport method to wait a moment.Then quote based on the number of customers.

Second, the order

Shenzhen color box factory invoker strictly in accordance with customer requirements, customer name order number quantity product structure finished size machine size material name paper silk grain corrugated requirements and so on detailed written in the production project

Third, plate burning

Shenzhen color box factory according to the production engineering sheet and manuscript carefully check the film plate material, so as to achieve good PS version of the content without loss without dirty point without horseshoe.

Four, printing

Read carefully the production engineering construction, the first time ready for paper printing ink, PS version of the manuscript compared with the original is to prevent the error, the error to eliminate before happening, run color, adjust the ink to the consistent with the original or close to, and control the ink balance, retouching, remove the dirty point layout, scratches, and don't text or other patterns, etc., ensure layout clean and fresh.Color box

V. surface treatment

According to the production engineering sheet, the film should be positioning and film size must be accurate, adhesive position should be in accordance with the original specification of the finished product, adhesive to clean, transparent film, film after the product printing surface to level off, smooth, bright, not yellow.Film and paper between the adhesive to be evenly coated, adhesive firm to tear the film will be ink layer and paper fiber tear, can not have peeling, bubbles, wrinkle, discount and other phenomena.UV and glazing to achieve positioning, size must be accurate, if the location of the adhesive mouth to give out the original or finished product sample.Smooth oil to be pure, white and transparent, the surface of the surface after processing color.Carry out necessary burst test to prevent crease burst due to improper raw material or process.After the surface treatment of the product, the surface to smooth bright non-bonding, no bubbles, no sand and wrinkles and so on.

Vi. Mounting (veneer)

Control the amount of glue, so that the production of corrugated board bonding firm, clean and smooth surface.The sum of the degumming parts should be less than 20cm2/ m2.The moisture content of single side corrugated board should be controlled within 14%±4.The product after cover mount does not have slanting zhang to have no material boundless dirty without fouling crack without crease and so on.

Seven, die-cutting

The original draft (or sample box) is taken as the standard, and the single side length deviation of row cutter size is ≤0.5mm.Special requirements in accordance with the provisions of the contract.Die-cutting knife plate must be knocked sample and real sample and cut sample comparison, verification before the machine.Die cutting edge smooth, no obvious adhesion and rough edge.The indentation line of the carton is clear and full, the depth and width are suitable, the indentation line of the non-rupture cutting paper should be straight, the skewness is ≤0.8mm.

Eight, pasting box

Glued seams to be neat, don't walk line not skew super cover, error of 0.5 mm or less, good adhesion strong, to tear at the stick, the paper fiber is pulled together, adhesive glue in moderation, coating position is correct, no excess adhesive overflow juncture, by and by, but carton forming to the crisp flat, without clear up the bow and skew phenomenon, lifted the lid socket consistence, don't automatically pop-up.

Nine, box

We take the sample box as the standard, to control the spacing of the order, after the carton molding to crisp flat clothing, no obvious bow and skew phenomenon, lid socket is suitable for tightness, not automatically sprung.

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