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By the impact of environmental protection, the price of raw paper is pushing up corrugated board

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By the impact of environmental protection, the price of raw paper is pushing up corrugated board

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With more paper mills, cardboard mills and carton factories shutting down production and environmental investigations proving to have affected the supply of wrapping paper, will last year's crate be the same?

In may, many paper mills in north and central China and fujian province were ordered to suspend production, among other penalties.Thirty-eight cardboard factories in fujian and 15 in hunan were ordered to close by the environmental protection agency.

In June, paper companies in dongguan had to get permits to discharge pollution by July 1, or face suspension or other penalties.Some local paper mills have stopped making the switch from coal to heat.It is worth noting that many of these are second-line mills rather than small mills.

Recently, in the name of environmental protection, APP, chenming, bohui and fuyang local paper mill began to stop production in turn.

In Shanghai, Taiwan's zhenglong paper has announced it will pull out of the city in 2018 because it cannot afford the higher operating costs of switching from coal to gas.Now, the use of heat and gas electricity is just the beginning, I believe that once the government requires the use of heat, gas and gas in the paper industry, small paper mills will be difficult to load, industry concentration will increase.Corrugated packaging

With the help of environmental protection, the wrapping paper rises again.Carton people in suzhou said that 280g, grade c wall paper arrived 30 tons today, 3300, tomorrow another 200.Northeast has packaging enterprise in charge of northeast three provinces high - strength corrugated paper has risen to 3800 / ton!Is there anyone who can take care of this?!

At the same time, the rise in raw paper also forced the downstream corrugated board industry prices, although the industry is seriously short of capacity.Langfang an industry figure said, into June corrugated board up three times.And in dongguan, has been staying put before corrugated board factory, also began a tentative price increase.

However, xiaobian also noted that the stronger-than-expected weakness in demand had to some extent offset the upward momentum of raw paper and cardboard.And in many parts of the country, the second level of the raw paper inventory is obviously high, coupled with customers do not accept price increases, the second level of the willingness to buy paper is obviously not high.

Because this year's situation is very special, many industries related to real estate are frozen, agricultural products crash shows the downturn of consumer goods, the expected peak season is likely to come to nothing, therefore, the whole packaging industry can still maintain the rational mood, the phenomenon of blindly hoarding paper did not appear.

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