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The 2017 China international corrugated exhibition opened with great fanfare

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The 2017 China international corrugated exhibition opened with great fanfare

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On the morning of April 11, 2017, China international corrugated exhibition, China international color box exhibition and China packaging container exhibition opened in Shanghai new international exhibition center.The exhibition lasts for 4 days from April 11 to 14, and has won the support of more than 200 industry associations and media at home and abroad.The site of the exhibition attracted more than 4500 industry professionals from 77 domestic associations led by China packaging federation to visit the exhibition, and more than 70 well-known overseas associations and agents came to the exhibition.

International corrugated exhibition highlights unlimited 1498699524999512.jpg

China corrugated exhibition has a history of 16 years. From being unknown to being the authoritative carton industry event in China and even the world, corrugated exhibition is an industry event that international famous brands will not miss.The exhibits of this exhibition cover the whole representative equipment and technology of corrugated manufacturing, attracting nearly 100 well-known equipment factories from more than 20 countries and regions around the world to present the advanced manufacturing technology of the world's corrugated packaging industry at the same time.In this corrugated exhibition, the world's famous brands with 78 new products released first, let the audience feast their eyes.In addition, the exhibition also brings together the world's cutting-edge processing technology and hot solutions.


The international color box exhibition has rich exhibits

China international color box exhibition 2017 is also a leading professional exhibition in the field of post-press processing of paper packaging in the asia-pacific region.The exhibition not only has a complete and comprehensive packaging post-press processing equipment, technology and overall solutions at home and abroad, but also has three special areas of bag-making, paper-making and consumables, innovatively displaying the world's new bag-making technology, new equipment, paper materials and other accessories and consumables new applications.

The international packaging and container exhibition is wonderful

China packaging container show is sponsored by China packaging federation and reed expo group, this exhibition theme of "change, intelligent and green", shows the core paper, plastic, metal, glass, four kinds of packaging products, covering the packaging integration solutions, biodegradable packaging materials, the traceability packaging, anti-counterfeiting labels, a yard, nanotechnology, high barrier composite packaging new materials, antibacterial materials and creative packaging structure and design of rich and colorful.



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