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Corrugated carton packaging inspection equipment selection guide

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Corrugated carton packaging inspection equipment selection guide

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Corrugated carton packaging because of its unique advantages, in the field of product packaging, take the lead, with the development of the economy, the fierce market competition, people on product packaging requirements are higher and higher.In the face of a wide variety of testing instruments, how to better identify the good and bad product packaging, good and bad, how to choose and buy appropriate testing instruments, has become the majority of corrugated box production enterprises and enterprises urgently need to solve the problem.

I. relevant national standards for corrugated boxes

When it comes to the testing of corrugated carton products, we must start with relevant national standards, which are the most authoritative basis for our production and sales.As we all know, the relevant national standards for corrugated boxes contain the following four parts: corrugated paper, cardboard, corrugated board and corrugated boxes.All the technical indicators stipulated in the national standards are the items for inspection and testing.

National standard for corrugated paper: gb13023-91;The main test items include: quantitative, tightness, transverse cyclic strength index, longitudinal fracture length and moisture.

Carton board includes ordinary carton board, cowhide carton board and cowhide carton board.National standard: GB/ t13024-2003;The main test items include: quantitative, thickness, tightness, rupture resistance index, transverse cyclic pressure index, transverse folding resistance, water absorption, moisture, etc.

National standard for corrugated board: GB/ t6544-1999;The main test items include: corrugated board thickness, edge pressure strength, bonding strength, rupture strength, puncture strength and moisture.

National standard for corrugated boxes: gb6543-86;The main test items include: carton compressive strength, impact strength and transfer strength.

Ii. Selection of testing instrument for corrugated base paper and box board

1. Paper quantitative tester

Quantification is one of the most basic performance indicators of paper and cardboard.The so-called quantification is "according to the specified test method to determine the quality of paper and board unit area, unit is g/m2."(ISO536 definition)

The accuracy of quantitative measurement is related to the area accuracy of the tested sample and the accuracy of the weighing device.The key point is the sampling accuracy of the quant sampler, because the fiber of the corrugated paper is relatively thick, it is recommended to use the round quant sampler of stamping type first.

The testing instrument is: paper quantitative sampler;The sampling is completed and used in conjunction with the electronic balance.

The instrument model is pn-wg2

Or the PN - CS100 type

2. Paper thickness tester

Thickness is the basic performance parameters of paper and cardboard, some of the basic characteristics of paper and cardboard and strength performance is related to thickness, so it is an important performance test item, the unit is in the unit of film m or mm.The thickness test must be carried out under specified conditions, and the thickness test instrument must meet the three basic requirements of measuring contact area, contact pressure and falling speed of the probe, otherwise the measurement result is inaccurate.

Instrument model: pn-pt6.

3. Compactness meter

The quantification of compactness is the mass per unit volume of paper and board measured in g/m3 according to the specified test method.We actually did it by dividing the quantity by the thickness.General enterprise this index USES less.

4. Ring pressure strength tester

Paperboard ring compression strength refers to a certain size of the sample, inserted in the sample seat to form a circle, between the upper and lower pressure plate pressure, the sample can be crushed before the maximum force.It is an important strength index for carton board and corrugated paper to characterize the performance of cardboard edge under pressure.The strength of the paperboard has an impact on the edge strength of the corrugated board, and the edge strength of the corrugated board has an important impact on the overall compressive strength of the carton.

The testing instrument is: ring pressure strength tester (this instrument is equipped with ring pressure test center plate, i.e., xiii center plate)

Instrument model: pn-ct300


5. Computer tensile testing machine (i.e. tensile tester)

The tensile strength of box board and corrugated paper is an important performance index, which reflects the ability of the material to resist external forces.This index is generally expressed in terms of absolute tensile strength (N or kN), tensile strength (kN/m), fracture length (m or km), etc.Elongation refers to the relative elongation (%) when the specimen reaches the ultimate tension.Generally, the test instruments for measuring tensile strength are equipped with a mechanism for measuring elongation.

Testing instrument: computer tensile strength testing machine or computer tensile strength tester

The instrument model is pn-tt300 or pn-wl300

6. Moisture meter

Moisture content is an important performance index for box board and corrugated paper, especially for corrugated paper.The initial moisture content of corrugated paperboard will directly affect the quality of corrugated paperboard.The low moisture content of the paper is dry, when the roof is easy to crack.In corrugated board production, the moisture content of the optimal strength value is generally 6% ~ 8%.

The traditional method of moisture measurement is drying weighing method at 105℃, using oven and balance, this method is the standard method, but now the market also see many enterprises in the use of rapid moisture meter, this method belongs to the non-standard fast method.

Test instrument: suitable for low temperature oven and high precision balance.

Instrument model: pn-fdg1 series

7. Paper rupture tester

Rupture resistance is a comprehensive strength index. Experimental studies have proved that rupture resistance is a composite function of tensile strength and elongation.Generally, packaging paper and cardboard should have sufficient rupture strength, and the rupture resistance is expressed in kPa.

Testing instrument: computer tensile strength testing machine

Test instrument: computer paper resistance tester

Instrument model: pn-bsm160 (measurement range: ≤1600kPa)

8. MIT folding tester

Folding resistance refers to the logarithm (base 10) of the number of double folds required for a specimen of standard width to be folded repeatedly to fracture under certain conditions.Folding resistance is an index of folding fatigue strength of paper and paperboard. Carton board, especially the carton board used for manufacturing export packaging cartons, is particularly strict in this index.Folding resistance this parameter is not required in the national standard, but in practical use, there are often customers will also take it as a very indicator to control the quality of corrugated paper.

The measuring instrument is: MIT folding tester

Instrument type: pn-nz135 (measurement range: ≤99999 times)

In the corrugated paper and carton paper testing this piece, the general configuration of the general equipment is: circular quantitative sampler, ring pressure strength meter, folding meter, moisture meter, tension meter and paper rupture meter.

Three, corrugated board testing instrument selection

1, corrugated board thickness meter

Corrugated board thickness meter, should use 0-18mm range, the meter head recommended to choose the accuracy of the dial can meet the requirements.There are two configurations on the market, one is pointer type and the other is digital display type.

2. Edge pressure strength

Corrugated board edge pressure strength is one of the important factors affecting the compressive strength of cartons, it is the main quality control project in the production of corrugated board, through the edge pressure strength can predict the compressive strength of cartons, so this index is highly valued.The edge pressure strength is expressed in terms of N/m.

Corrugated board edge pressure strength test on the sample section requirements are very strict, generally should use special edge pressure sampler to cut the sample;At the beginning of the test, special sample guide block should be used to assist the sample to stand vertically on the test platform.

The testing instruments are: pressure strength tester and corrugated board edge pressure (adhesive) sample sampler

The instrument models are: pn-ct300 and pn-ecc25

3. Bonding strength

Adhesive strength is a characteristic index of the degree of adhesion between corrugated board and core paper.Surface paper and core paper if the bonding is not firm or there are bonding defects, it will affect the strength of corrugated board, with this kind of defective corrugated board manufacturing carton will have quality defects, so the bonding strength is also an important performance index.

The adhesive strength test requires a set of special auxiliary apparatus, which is called the stripper. By means of the stripper, the surface paper and core paper are stripped off in the compression tester, and the maximum stripper force during the stripper is determined, which is expressed in N/m.

The testing instruments are: ring compression strength tester and corrugated board stripping strength test frame

The instrument models are pn-ct300 and pn-pac

4, corrugated board rupture strength

The breaking strength of corrugated board refers to the maximum pressure perpendicular to the sample surface that the corrugated board can bear per unit area under specified conditions, expressed as kPa.

The rupture resistance value of corrugated board can be considered as the sum of the rupture resistance value of each layer of paper.

The testing instruments are: paper breakage tester and paperboard breakage tester

Instrument model: pn-bsm600

5. Puncture strength

The punching strength of the corrugated board refers to the work required to go through the cardboard with a cone of a specific shape, including the sum of the work required to start piercing, tear and bend the cardboard into a hole, represented by J.

Puncture strength can reflect the corrugated board to withstand sharp impact resistance, it is an important dynamic strength performance index.In the puncture test, the process of piercing the specimen with the cone piercing head consists of three consecutive actions, namely piercing, tearing and bending.The whole process of stamping the cardboard is actually a comprehensive inspection of the quality and performance of the cardboard and its constituent materials.The results show that the tear of corrugated board area and the strength of corrugated paper (CMT) have important influence on the puncture strength.

The testing instrument is: paperboard puncture strength tester

Instrument model: pn-prt48

6, water

Same as the original paper.

Four, corrugated box test instrument selection

Corrugated carton standards specify carton classification, basic carton code, carton accessories, size specifications, technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules.As a corrugated box for packaging, according to the selection of corrugated board of different types, the weight of the contents of the packaging and the size of the box cavity, you can design and manufacture a variety of carton products, these products according to their own standards or the specific requirements agreed by both parties to check and accept.Under normal circumstances, the evaluation of corrugated box mechanical properties of the test items are mainly compressive strength, impact strength and transfer strength three, the three mechanical properties, the most important item is compressive strength, high compressive strength is good performance, improve the compressive strength can improve the performance.The compressive strength is closely related to the stability of the carton, and the carton compressive strength is the critical strength of the carton failure.In addition, the compressive strength and stacking strength is different, the compressive strength is always more than the carton long-term load support load, compressive strength reflects short-term stability, stacking strength reflects long-term stability.Compression test and stacking test belong to different compression test items. The two tests are controlled by two test methods and standards respectively. The two standards are:

1) GB/T4857.4 pressure test method for packaging and transportation packages

2) GB/T4857.3 test method for stacking of packaging and transportation packages

Compression testing machine is a kind of large-scale test equipment, this equipment is designed for pressure testing and transport packaging, due to the adoption of modern electronic technology, the measurement and control system of the device function is very advanced, the use of this equipment not only can make the carton compression test, and can be used to simulate the working procedures of stacking test stacking strength test, in addition you can also set point pressure experiment was carried out.The compression testing machine is an indispensable test equipment for carton product quality testing.

The testing instrument is: FCL compression tester

The instrument models are: pn-ct50ka, pn-ct50kb, pn-ct50kc, pn-ct50kd

In addition, general production enterprises, drop test machine and hexagon drum testing machine used very little.

Five, corrugated box instrument selection considerations

Hangzhou pinxiang technology has been pursuing such a concept: to customers with the most cost-effective testing instruments and the best quality technical services.During the selection of testing instruments, we will give the following Suggestions:

1. Don't go for the full set.The customer should choose the configuration according to their own strength, we will give the customer three configurations: basic configuration, normal configuration and perfect configuration.Analyze your own requirements, communicate fully with professional instrument suppliers or manufacturers, and choose the most suitable products.

2. Identify your use.These include corrugated paper production enterprises and use enterprises, corrugated box board production enterprises and use enterprises, corrugated board production and use enterprises, corrugated box production and use enterprises.General production-oriented enterprise testing equipment is mainly as the production process of product quality control, which requires the equipment configuration should be as complete as possible.And as the use of enterprises, testing instruments are mainly used for the purchase of raw materials for testing, the key indicators can be tested.

3, do not blindly pursue the low price of the product, should focus on its cost performance.Generally speaking, the service life of this kind of testing instrument is relatively long (average life: 8-10 years or so), as a high-precision testing equipment, more attention should be paid to the product technical level and the company's after-sales technical support.Do not appear to spend the same amount of money, to buy the instrument after two years seem more outdated;Or after the purchase, in the after-sales service feel not guaranteed.

4, as far as possible to choose a long history, strong professional, strong technical force paper packaging professional testing equipment manufacturers or its designated agents to purchase.Our corrugated carton testing instruments of hangzhou pinxiang technology co., LTD are all computerized intelligent testing instruments, formerly known as automatic instrument research institute directly under the ministry of light industry. We welcome the majority of users to call for technical consultation and business negotiation.

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